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Kidnapped by Vampires 11
"You brought a bipolar kid here." i heard a voice mutter from behind the room i was passing. I stopped walking and stood beside the door, knowing that they knew i was awake and probably couldn't sense where i was. I had a feeling i wouldn't want to listen to this conversation, because it was obvious they were talking about me.
"No, i didn't. She's only here because Kristopher bit her and we don't need to get in any more trouble than we already are." i heard Nickolas hiss back to the other person who i now realized was Nathan. All of the good stuff he'd done for me was beginning to wash away, and i knew if i stayed and listened to any more of it i would be back to square one hating them all; but i stayed anyway.
"Not bipolar? Earlier she woke up and got scared, then got nice, then got sad, then got pissed. All within five minutes." Nathan shot back in the tone he usually got when talking about me: irritated.
"Can't you find some way to understand her though? She's been kidnapped and the
:icondragionkira:DragionKira 44 5
Kidnapped by vampires
I was over a mile from the mansion when it began to rain. Not normal tiny droplets but huge pelting bombs that soaked me in less than two minutes. I kept walking though, not caring if i caught a cold. I was in the woods past the huge 10FT tall stone fence that bordered the main property. I'd been here so many times before that there were trails from all the directions i ventured.
This was where i cleared my head, where i thought about things. I was alone.
It was dangerous to go in the woods. I was royalty, and every evil element of the world wanted to get their hands on the royal family. I was the princess, the one who would eventually have the weight of the world crushing me.
In these woods i knew lurked vampires, werewolves, black witches and wizards, demons, fallen angels, and many other things. I had been told by everyone atleast five times to never go outside without a guard or two. And to never, never go int othe woods.
But i ignored them. It didn't matter to me. It was horrifyin
:icondragionkira:DragionKira 111 23
Coincidence 1 ~Taehyung x Reader~
Chapter 1
My assistant was super annoying today and was starting to get on my nerves. The second she saw my face this morning, she has been trying to convince me to take this new T.V series offer.
When she first told me I had no problem, but after she told me who is most likely to have the male role, I refused without even thinking.
Kim Young Do.
The last thing I wanted was to see that jerks face 4 or 3 times a week for three months, if not more. Hell no! And we both have the main roles, so that’s a no without thinking.
After I finished today's filming for my upcoming movie Sowa, my assistant,                                                                                                                 &
:iconkawaii061:Kawaii061 19 0
Chubby!SebastianXDemon!Reader- Mates
It was an ordinary day at the Phantomhive manor;Ciel yelling at Sebastian when Grell decides to pay a visit to the manor. Ciel and Grell,both knowing what Sebastian has done to them, were plotting a little "sweet" revenge for him.
They had made a cake for Sebastian, but not just a normal cake. This cake had a special chemical in it that would make Sebastain pack on the pounds like crazy.
They brought him in thanks to Ciel ordering him to follow along and they sat him in a chair and began to give him the cake.
He ate it, slightly suspicious, but hungry none the less. By the time the first slice was into him, Grell and Ciel started cackling.
"What's so funny?!" He demanded.
"Just wait till tomorrow!" Grell said, taking off.
Ciel smirked and left him quietly leaving a supicious Sebastian to find out his new surprise.
Sebastian soon felt drowsiness overtake him once he reached his bed chambers. He passed out, belly up in his bed.
About 9 hours later, Sebastian woke up....a lot bigger than
:iconzimantha87:zimantha87 105 18
Demon's Mate Sebastian x Reader- Part 2
“I did good.”
You were staring at the now ‘repaired’ wall, ignoring the dripping cement and misplaced bricks as you peeled off the gloves which were now also covered in wet cement. To be honest, rebuilding wasn’t all that hard; all you had to do was pile bricks. The time consuming part was the cleaning of the ashes and the removal of the now broken kitchen appliances.
Since it was already midnight, Master Ciel should be asleep by now along with everyone else. You preferred to call him Ciel instead, Master sounds too formal for your liking. On the topic of everyone else; everyone else had have dinner, except for you, but an extremely sweet Finny had given you a sponge cake with a delicious cream filling. The cake most likely made by Sebastian, but as much as you value your pride, you won’t give up food, especially when you’re hungry. And thus, the cake was consumed.
You headed back to your room, candle in front of you, illumining little l
:iconimhighonsomething:ImHighOnSomething 61 15
Demon's Mate Sebastian x Reader- Part 1
If you hadn't yet, please read the prologue first
You were polishing the framework of one the paintings near the stairwell when you heard an explosion. It was probably the kitchen again. Honestly, you had only had been working for the Earl Phantomhive for a month and the kitchen had been blown up twenty-three times already, all of which were Bard’s fault.
Bard is a self-proclaimed chef, whom cooking had been known to kill many, at least that’s how you looked at it. Actually, so far his cooking hadn’t harmed anyone yet, but that’s because no one had the guts to eat it. Or it was that they had the brains to not eat any of his so called dishes. However, his cooking isn’t the only creations he made that were deadly, he has what he calls his ‘babies’, customized guns or artillery.
Mey-rin is a maid, like you. However, unlike you, she tends to break things, a lot. You didn’t even bother to count the total number of things she had broke, o
:iconimhighonsomething:ImHighOnSomething 50 19
Sebastian x Demon reader Part 4
'Damn him,' (Name) thought angrily as she watched the back of his head until it dissolved into the darkness 'what will I wear to bed now?!' she added in her head.
(Name) sighed and examined the torn dress that was hanging around her arms by the sleeves of the high collared gown.
(Name) pulled the thin robe that was in the room around her shoulders and set off to Lady Lillian's room to procure another gown from Elizabeth's collections.
(Name) padded gently into her room and looked into the closet.
The first time she had found a dress for Lillian and herself she had been lucky to find something vaguely her size, but now there weren't any clothes in there that would fit (Name) comfortably.
Lady Elizabeth being significantly smaller in all aspects, including the chest area.
(Name) had barely fit into the first dress comfortably and all of the rest would not fit at all.
A light pink nightgown caught (Name's) attention.
She sighed and walked behind the curtain to change into it, it's better
:iconmaevezz11:maevezz11 88 22
Sebastian x Demon reader Part 3
(Name) hurried to get to the ball thanks to a stop to visit a certain undertaker who had allowed her to borrow one of the dresses he would put a dead human in.
In exchange for what he called 'the gift of true laughter.'
(Name) shuddered, he was one creepy guy, at least (Name) knew not to eat his biscuits anymore, now that she knew what was in them.
The door to the impressive mansion opened and revealed many mortals crammed in a stuffy room together.
Someone checked Her Invitation and let her in, (Name) smirked, 'this was too easy' she thought.
She didn't know that from the top of the stairwell she was being watched, by a butler with red eyes.
(Name) walked over to the wall by the dance floor hoping that no one would bother her as she scoped out the room.
Unfortunatly for (Name) she had caught someone's attention that night.
"My dear white dove" (Name) heard a man say as she turned to see The viscount Druitt "What is such a beauty like you doing on the wall my dove."
(Name) grimaced on
:iconmaevezz11:maevezz11 97 41
Sebastian x Demon reader Part 2
Dinner had ended and (Name) was busy polishing the silver to a perfect gleam.
That was when she heard it.
A scream rang through the house, (Name) felt her eyes narrow, and ran up the stairs, nobody would take her prey.
The door was ajar and off it's hinges.
There were papers scattered around and Lady Lillian was missing.
'The person must have been strong,' (Name) thought 'since Lady Lillian cannot walk they would have to carry her, and to be so fast that even I cannot catch them, they must be very strong indeed.'
"I'd better begin to track My Lady otherwise when she gets home all she will do is whine." (Name) said, rolling her eyes
She smirked as she hiked up her long skirt and exposed the contract mark on her upper thigh, as her (Eye Color) eyes changed, becoming a light red.
She felt her pupils become slits, adjusting to enhance her vision.
She snarled when she realized where Lillian was.
"The lady and I are heading out, the two of you may relax until we get back" (Name) said.
"Oh" (
:iconmaevezz11:maevezz11 88 7
Sebastian x Demon reader Part 1
"I will protect you, never in your life will you feel truly threatened" said, her (eye color) eyes swirling with mischief  "I can fulfill your every wish and need, with me at your side my lady, you will never be alone."
"And what will you get in return?" Baroness Lillian asked the woman affront her trusting her completely.
"I have quite a lot of money, I can afford to pay you" The lady said, almost desperate, scrambling to make the only person who was ever kind to her stay.
The (hair color) demon had always been good at finding a person, so desperate for attention and waiting for the lowest part in their life so far to make them an offer.
the fourteen year old baroness's father had left to france, met a woman who he married and later sent Lillian a message that he would be staying with her for two years.
that was four years ago, The (hair color) woman had approached her on the third year, a year after he was supposed to be back.
After that Lady Lillian had waited by the window for two
:iconmaevezz11:maevezz11 137 14
{Extinct} Sebastian x Witch!Reader Ch.1
Chapter One :dummy:
(y/n)= Your name :)
(l/n)= Last name
(f/c)= Favorite color
(h/c)= Hair color
(h/l)= Hair length
(e/c)= Eye color
(h/s)= Hair style
Thank you, and enjoy :D
                              Her Acquaintance, Odd
You woke up to a crisp, cool morning. It was Sunday, and Ciel and Sebastian were leaving today to investigate a crime scene dealing with Jack the Ripper. You yawned and stretched before standing up.
You pointed to the door knob, and your magic made it lock. You also used your magic to open your closet and pull out several maids' outfits. You tapped your lips, before deciding on one that was black, knee length, with a white apron, a (f/c) collar, (f/c) gloves, and (f/c) fringes. It also came with (f/c) stalkings and black doll shoes
:iconatreiyuphantomhive:AtreiyuPhantomhive 265 61
[Book of Circus] Ciel Phantomhive x Acrobat!Reader
Chapter two
(y/n)= Your name :)
(l/n)= Last name
(f/c)= Favorite color
(h/c)= Hair color
(h/l)= Hair length
(e/c)= Eye color
(h/s)= Hair style
Thank you, and enjoy :D
 Half an hour later, you were outside looking all around. Joker was nowhere to be found. Not looking where you were going, you ran smack into Black. You gazed up into his alluring, mysterious crimson eyes. They seemed to be glowing.
 You didn't say a word; fear took over you.
 "Miss Swirl, I don't expect you to be out at this hour. Just what are you doing?" He asked, grinning.
 You cleared your throat. "I'm looking for Joker, have you seen him?" The stakes weren't high that he would tell the truth or not, but you went for it anyway.
 "Yes, actually, I've heard he's off to see a figure whom he calls 'Father'."
 Your eyes widened. "Oh, um, thank you." After doing a quick bow yo
:iconatreiyuphantomhive:AtreiyuPhantomhive 257 67
[Book of Circus] Ciel Phantomhive x Acrobat!Reader
Chapter One
(y/n)= Your name :)
(l/n)= Last name
(f/c)= Favorite color
(h/c)= Hair color
(h/l)= Hair length
(e/c)= Eye color
(h/s)= Hair style
Thank you, and enjoy :D
 "Hey, Swirl, come down and meet our new members!"
 Hearing Joker's overly excited voice, you looked down at him from the tightrope you were walking on. With him were two males; one taller and obviously older, the other more short, most likely your age, and seemed slightly annoyed to be here. Regardless, you jumped down from the tightrope (which, mind you, was nearly 70 feet off the ground), did a flip and twirled before landing quietly on your feet.
 You walked to Joker and the two males and quietly asked, "Who are they?"
 "This is Black," he answered, pointing the taller man, "and this is Smile." He gestured to the shorter boy.
 "Nice to meet you," you said giving them a s
:iconatreiyuphantomhive:AtreiyuPhantomhive 334 47
Living with a demon Chapter 1

Chapter 1
This class will be the death of me

- " Darling, you need to get up... " said a soft voice next to your ear.
- " Aww...Let me sleep, you jerk... " you mumbled sleepily, hitting Sebastian's face.
He held his nose in a painful way while you turned so your back was facing him. Sebastian sighed desperately before sitting next to you and you took this moment to lift the cover of your bed over your face. You didn't want to get up, you were tired and you already wanted to be at the end of school. And it was only the first day.
- " Dear, you need to go to your work...Or else you will get fired " muttered Sebastian, taking off the cover hovering you before nuzzling his nose in your neck, smelling your perfume.
- " Don't care " you said stubbornly.
You took back the sheets and Sebastian pinched his nose in annoyance. Sometime, his wife could act like a child. Or a lazy butt. Or both.  He turned his gaze to the window, watching the sun coming out from the horiz
:iconsolstice-arctic-luna:Solstice-Arctic-Luna 576 88
Married to a demon Epilogue
You woke early that day, eating your breakfast in the kitchen. After finishing it, you returned to your room, opening the curtains. You opened the window to stand on your balcony, observing the cars passing by.
The 21th century...
It was truly a strange era.
“Mom! Della is hitting Lance again!” Tara cried downstairs.
“I'm not! You are the one who did!” her twin sister cried back.
You face palmed yourself before giggling loudly. You walked downstairs to see all your children. Hazel and Lukas, who were now '20' years old, were sipping their tea in silence, wearing clothes which tested your sanity. Was it you or did it seem that the humans of this century are wearing less clothes? Della and Tara were yelling at each other, again. The '8' years old girls were griping at each other neck since their birth. Lastly, there was Lance, who was eating in his crib, giggling when he saw you. You took Lance in your arms while giving a warning look to your twin daughters.
:iconsolstice-arctic-luna:Solstice-Arctic-Luna 399 144
Married to a demon Chapter 21
A loud bawling sound woke both Sebastian and you (well, mostly you cause like Sebastian said, sleep was luxury for him). You stood up, walking to the crib inside your room. Seems like Hazel had woken up again. She was the opposite of her twin brother, Hazel was often hungry, while Lukas was a huge sleepy head, no joke. He hadn't even woke up when Bard blown the kitchen (again). Taking your daughter in your arms, you soothed her to calm her bawling.
“Sebastian? Can you pass me the bottle?” you asked over shoulder and Sebastian tossed it toward you.
Hazel stopped crying and drank in silence. Then, it was Lukas' turn to cry. Sebastian took him in his arms and tickled him. You couldn't help but laugh at the cute scene before you. You didn't see that everyday, you could say. That's when you heard Ciel ordering Sebastian to get him some tea. Sighing, Sebastian gave Lukas to you before making his way toward his young master, in his office. You giggled, before putting down Hazel an
:iconsolstice-arctic-luna:Solstice-Arctic-Luna 307 52


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